R's PC Friendly D&D 3.5 Campaign

Session 1

The party gathers in a makeshift encampment outside of Karak Azgul and decide to enter the Dwarven hold and seek their fortunes within.

En route to the main entrance to Karak Azgul, the party notices a goblin scout watching them. Seeing few other options, the party decides to walk into what they know is an ambush. Goblin heavy infantry (lead by the goblin commander) attack along the path itself, while mushroom-crazed goblin heavy infantry leap off the heights of the hill into the midst of the party and goblin skirmishers fire down on the party from the same upper area. The goblins are defeated with little effort.

The party finds a “potion of cat’s grace” (on the goblin leader), a small amount of money, goblin religious symbols, low-quality mundane equipment. Further, Mordac finds several packets of mushrooms on the bodies of the goblin “jumpers”. The party sets up camp on the top of the hill, leaving a decoy campfire on the lower path to draw the attention of any goblins.

Later that night, during Lenwe’s watch, a party of dwarves marches up the path (in the same direction as the PCs). As they stop at the decoy campfire, Lenwe steps out of cover and quickly befriends the dwarves. The dwarves agree to set up camp alongside the PC’s party, and the two groups get along fairly well. Mordac eats some of the mushrooms out of curiosity, and, seeing as how the first dosage had no effect on him, eventually eats all the ‘shrooms that he has. Mordac, overcome with aggression and recklessness, tries to pick a fight with other party members and has to be restrained. The next morning, as everyone gets ready to move out, Lenwe surreptitiously binds to his vestige again.

As the (expanded) party continues towards Karak Azgul, Hiero is sent out front to scout out the terrain. Hiero finds and kills one of the goblins that had fled the last encounter, takes the greenskin’s pocket change, and continues towards the hold. Once the expanded party arrives at the hold, without further incident, Lenwe questions Hiero about his scouting expedition and, using sense motive and intimidate, manages to get the truth out of the ninja.

Entering the hold itself, the expanded party passes down a hallway full of decorated pillars and arrives in a large, well lit, and almost empty plaza. Two broken gates have fallen inwards, and across the plaza a large building is visible.



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